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We’re More Then Meets the Eye!

Brougham is experienced, caring and makes a positive difference in how our client-partner businesses and organizations are perceived.

The Hockey Sweater- How Branded Products Work!

Wearing a team sweater as a fan or player reflects your relationship with that team. You reflect your loyalty, what you like, and advertise ‘your’ team’s brand! Using a branded hockey sweater demonstrates how promotional products can work for you!
Brougham knows all about branded products. With over 25 years in the industry we find products to engage audiences of all kinds. We can hand you products that can have your brand on them, that will be appreciated and kept, and that will help you build the relationship you’re looking for with customers, members, and audiences of all kinds.

Working with Brougham Makes a Positive Difference

Our clients tell us we’re reliable and that we’ve helped get the results they want -on time, with good value. We represent some of the biggest and best promotional products supplier businesses in North America, while maintaining a personal touch that matters!

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