Social Sustainability


"Buy globally made products, buy from the internet, and spend as little as possible."

We hear that a lot and as a consumers and understanding the principles of business, being efficient and effective and nothing else matters, seems like the best economic decision.

Ask consumers why should we care if our support only goes to low paid overseas labour in a country with questionable social and environmental policies, a shipping company, a domestic warehouse, and a courier?  I get what I want and it is cheap.... mission accomplished… or is it? 

No matter what you buy, you are paying people to help you get it. Let's look at who and why. 

The biggest global companies likely have you supporting ‘C’ level staff that is the 1%, or the 1% of the 1%.  We seem to accept this because low cost technology and usually hundreds of lower paid workers, or ever fewer better-paid workers gets us a better price. 

The problem with this is the vast majority of us work for a living and by supporting organizations that pay little and use technology to replace jobs, we are undermining people just like us and understanding that lets fear, compassion, and social conscience cloud our purely business or economic judgment. 


Economists argue that if we loose our job to technology or globalization we simply need to adapt.  ‘Find new ways to be valued and carry on!’  Well, we come from the land of plenty and we are not creating value with unlimited amounts of more stuff!  Opting for better quality in everything is a more sustainable option but not necessarily if you own a factory needing to sell more stay open. 

We need to acknowledge that endless production is not environmentally sustainable, and socially not in our interest for the sake of jobs to work against machines and cheap overseas labour for our income. 

So what are you going to support? In comparative terms, you can shop Main Street where your community shops, you meet people, support community members, and create economic diversity that has social value, or you can shop Wal-Mart because it's cheap and generally we all have less money for your supporting ‘global business values’. 

At Brougham we’re interested in finding you the best value possible. We support organizations that support our values and these values become yours when you work with Brougham. We value Main Street, our community, people’s social well being, caring about our natural environment, and being knowledgeable about the decision we make on our clients’ behalf to offer the best economic value while reasonably paying the people we employ to work for us both. 

At Brougham, conscientious business decisions are made everyday in our office. 

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