Practical and Comfortable!

What one person might think is great may apply to many others.  For instance, these two products are making a difference in my life, and they may well do the same for you.

One is a simple laptop desk.  The beauty of it is that it can be used anywhere. When I want to use my computer I have a smooth surface to sit it on and a soft surface that keeps the computer off of my lap.

The reality is that if you’re working from home the desk is not always where you want to be.  Simply taking advantage of nicer furniture to sit on, or even sitting in the yard is not always simple.  However, with the laptop desk, this is a simple fix to the problem. 



The second product  I can't seem to do without is a woodsy jacket. Not quite the jacket I had as a camp councilor, but close enough to make me feel like I’m in the woods or, when necessary, a RedBlacks fan! This particular jacket is available for men and women and has a couple of colours.  It is well built for warmth.  For this especially cold winter season, cozy is all sewn up! 

Jamie Brougham