What's in a Trademark?

Being unique, distinctive, and contemporary reflects Brougham. While we appreciate the heritage of our previous logo, how we express what Brougham is has changed. Our new trademark, which we launched in the fall of 2017, represents how we use our products, support, and ideas to support our clients’ sales, messaging, and community building. We are thrilled about the update that gives us a new trade mark that reflects who and what we are! Brougham makes a difference when working with business, government, and NFPs because we are agile, innovative, and we care! For the name, we’re going only with the name Brougham because we are more than the products we sell. We search to understand your goals and constantly try to learn to be part of your team!  We work with great people and help make them more successful. That’s what being successful for us means and we think our new logo reflects all that and more!  

Jamie Brougham