Wandering Thoughts Disorder?

Today it seems the product of the year is something that is good for people who need to endlessly busy their hands, or mind in order to avoid 'wandering thoughts’ disorder (just made that up!). Frankly, I think many people will get a fidget spinner because... they're trendy.  

Is putting your brand on something that’s trendy to promote your business a good idea?  There is only one answer for you, however my answer is, it depends on your audience. For example, I could see these being great for a younger crowd that wants to be with the latest gadget going. I would see it being of interest to people who use their hands for work, or perhaps people who really do need something on the side in order to focus (better then smoking!).  

Anyone who says trendy is not effective was not alive when Pet Rocks were around.  Getting one of those rocks in the cute boxes was all the rage. Not much use to those either except if you needed something to care for that needed no care! For the right product to engage your audience, fidget spinner or not, give me a call. You’ll get expert advise with my objective being to make you successful!  

Jamie Brougham