CSAE Tète à Tète | January 31, 2018

It is closed to Non-Exhibiting Suppliers yet .... this event has always been very well attended by quite a selection of excellent services.

I am super excited about the speakers at the event this year:

Chris Bailey Productivity and Performance ExpertBestselling Author, The Productivity Project 

Called “the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet” by TED Talks, a “productivity mastermind” by Fast Company, and “a quirky and energetic guide through the productivity thicket” by the Harvard Business Review, Chris Bailey will transform how you and your audience think about productivity.


The Lunch Keynote Presentation promises to be quite entertaining!

THE DEBATERS: Erica Sigurdson and Dave Hemstad with Steve Patterson!With so many ways to interact online, is meeting face to face a waste of time?

App-happy comedian Erica Sigurdson says, "A virtual meet-up is as good as it gets." Handshake-loving comic Dave Hemstad says, "There ain't nothing like the real thing, baby!" Funnyman Steve Patterson moderates the mayhem and keeps the audience logged-in and the laughs streaming.

You can read more about the event here: www.csaeteteatete.ca



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