Padfolio | The beauty of writing without the clicks.

Wow, times have changed and perhaps one of the most profound changes has been the replacement of writing with a pen to writing with a keyboard.  I love pens and could talk about them for ages, however what is perhaps more interesting is the note book.  

For years the standard meeting stationery product was the portfolio, or more commonly referred to as the Padfolio.  A larger fold open piece that generally had letter sized pieces of paper inside.  It was the pad of paper inside a fancy holder.  Its big pages made making notes easy and they could easily be removed to hand to someone else to make sense of, or as was the case for us commoners, we transmitted the important parts to something else and thru away the page afterwards.  


All that time young people keeping diaries had it ‘write!’.  Notebooks and journals are now what’s remaining.  Unfortunately they do not come with auto referencing system, but they are great for keeping meeting notes.  A simple date at the top of the page and everything you knew from the meeting is there even weeks later –Amazing!  Taking notes without the click-click of the keyboard is great, and it removes the little walls that go up (monitors) when people are supposed to be talking to one another.  

There are frankly some beautiful note books as well and the decoration ability is like never before. They are great!

Frankly, being a bit old school my favourite are Padfolios, but I’m very particular.  I would rather a notebook for keeping track of things, but when I’m at a clients and I can pull out one of my beautiful Canadian made nappa leather portfolios, well that is cool, but beyond that today the notebook is king and the savvy investor is branding those for getting their logo into the hands of business people who still use paper.  Everyone appreciates getting away from a monitor and it keeps the skill of using a pen and organizing notes as fresh as a cool summer morning!  

Jamie Brougham