The Humble T-shirt Strikes Again!

I was happy to hear from a client who invested a lot in T-shirts. They just had their yearly giant customer event where they pulled out all the stops. Excellent speakers, education, entertainment, all at a beautiful hotel and convention centre. 

Simply put the previous year they did a survey and 4% of their customer audience  responded. This year with the incentive of a T-shirt with great graphics, unique because it was Canadian made, and had a more comfortable feel, they got almost 70%. 

Knowing what appeals to your audience allows the ability to take solid direction on marketing.  It gives the kind of data that is normally not available from communities of any kind because communities don’t talk about what appeals to them, they simply respond to what they like. Miss that mark and you are not successful. 

Next year their event will be modified to better suit respondents’ ideas and opinions, or they’ll proceed doing the same kind of thing but working on refining it to be excellent. Excellence – now that’s what we’re talking about. When your audience thinks you’re excellent, they mean that you’re the best. They mean you’re competing with the best in the world in this case and have everything needed to win. 

Being the best is a lofty position to claim, however when you’re asking those who are the ones to define it and they tell you ‘you are the best’, others will follow. Everyone involved is successful, positive energy will flow from those wearing those T-shirts! 

The humble T-shirt strikes again. Perhaps it is the best? Certainly, people who wear them will claim that the brand on them is something they’re happy to support. Marketing, branding and branded products that work….

At Brougham it’s what we’re all about.

Branding a t-shirt can go a long way to keeping your company name visible.

Branding a t-shirt can go a long way to keeping your company name visible.

Jamie Brougham