Trending for 2019 | Your Brand Awareness

Companies are becoming more and more conscious of the environmental impact that throwaway products have on our planet. Because of this as well as wanting to make a favourable impression and offer something useful and memorable, their selection of giveaway branded products lean toward items that will be used and hopefully cherished for many, many years.

Following are only three of several items that will be trending in 2019:

Reusable Tote Bags These are now often made with recycled materials, and when branded beautifully with your logo and messaging, it can be the go-to bag to bring when shopping.

Reusable Cups There are cups with straws and lids right through to event cups that are souvenirs of a special event your company held. Branded and attractive, these can be kept around, and used, for many years.

Notebooks Notebooks have returned to our ever-growing appreciation of physical note-taking and journalling. And paper has grown as well in that much of what is produced today uses recycled material and is packaged very attractively with your brand being part of the experience.