We're like Secret Agents with Rocket Science in Our Pockets

Well, at this time of the year it is certainly a time to reflect on where we are in business and in life. Things are moving so fast, I’m not sure anyone is fully aware of where they are in history. What provoked this thought was the attached photo.

When I think back to university and having to pay people to type essays that I spent hours writing and then starting again from the first word rewriting on paper. Back then it would have saved some sanity to have an auto check on spelling, and a word processor to write and edit before printing. Now that was rocket science, and now I have rocket science in a computer that fits in my pocket!

I remember as a kid playing office where we’d have a messenger running back and forth between rooms and as a young business man having a desk with a rotary dial phone on it (left over from when I bought the company from my father). Big upgrades at the time was a fax machine, and a computer that had orange type and required code be written in to perform basic functions (the only kind of functions it could do).

Now with a cool looking little USB drive like the one shown in the photo, you can be carrying data that can be plugged into a box and presented and shared with the other side of the world with speed that might be faster then lightening.


Only the best secret agents could have dreamed of that stuff and they could not even have done it. Spy stuff has gone viral!

Really, I’m not that old but technology and globalization has just moved that quickly. While the youth of today figure out how to lead with the tools available now, those who thrive on the tools of yesteryear only bother with the easiest to use and best to work with. It is true that many of us are slower to adapt to the ever changing new, but settling into some consistency is worth the delay. I’ve always believed it is what’s said and not how it’s said that matters most, and for that experience helps a lot!

Leading the way for now, Jamie…

Jamie Brougham