10 of the hottest trends in event swag for 2018

Event promotional products and ideas are constantly developing. In our office we are often researching and visiting our suppliers websites, as well as our colleagues' sites internationally.

One of the recent sites we visited was the Event Manager Blog

In the blog they note 10 of the hottest trends in event swag for 2018. 

None of us want to become stale and predictable in anything we do, so the promotional products we  offer our clients and staff need to show considerable thought applied beforehand. And hopefully the following list always takes into account where these products are made, how far they are being shipped from and that wasteful packaging is kept to a minimum.

The Top Ten:

1. Nostalgic item

2. Wellness Items

3. Functional Items

4. Technology Items

5. Work-related Items

6. Items that Inspire a Sense of Adventure

7. Cool Gadgets

8. Ethical Items

9. Quality Names

10. Gift Sets

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