One of the Top Best Products for 2018

We are always looking for the next best, fun, useful promotional items available to our clients. The internet has a wealth of terrific sites that help us gain knowledge about what's "out there".  One item that struck us was the Moleskin, specifically the Moleskin Smart Writing Set. This, we all know, has been around for some time, and is a highly useful tool for both personal and business activities.


A most helpful site from the UK has this to say about The Moleskine Smart Writing Set

"This writing set is a thing of pure beauty, making the traditional paper notebook a revolutionary piece of technology that fits perfectly into the new digital world of millennials today. The special dotted paper and ‘magic’ pen allow you to convert your notes directly into a digital copy on your phone or tablet through an app instantly. No more time wasted typing up notes from meetings or lectures this product does it all for you, amazing right? The app then has the ability to edit and alter the notes to add a creative flair. A recent survey showed that 79% of consumers’ main reason for keeping a promotional product was usefulness* and this is most definitely useful."

This is indeed a more expensive promotional gift, yet a very considerable one to give your best clients or prospects, or your hardworking sales or creative teams. Having it branded with your trademark is one of the best ways of staying top of mind with those who receive such a thoughtful gift.

Jamie Brougham