It's Creepy being "Creeped" by Big Analytics

Targeted Advertising Dollars

It has been said that targeting advertising dollars is getting easier but as soon as I lift my head I’m bombarded and frankly the jury is still out on whether I consider it helpful that someone (or some machine), is creeping me.  

I mean if I look something up, I really don’t want to be sent ‘helpful’ info trying to sell me something by someone who has hired the mammoth Google, or Facebook, or what ever it is that spies on me!  

The reality is the majority of the market is just getting harder to get to. The best thing going is technology, and traditional media - what used to work for local audiences and national customers - has been challenged. The reality is that if you know who your clients are you should be building and strengthening your relationships. The more you keep the more you have!  


Have you ever got a bank calendar? I can’t imagine anyone who’s not got one and they have the loyal clients going. In fact giving a branded product directly to the clients you know builds relations. When your name is in front of a client on a daily basis it is worth its weight in gold. You know them and for a small investment in the cost of a calendar, coffee mug, or branded product of any kind you know where your dollars go and there is a return because they work.  

That’s why the promotional products business in North America is still strong. While sourcing is changing how some buy, sourcing is also in your town where you can support people who care while buying the best in Canada, North America, and the world from someone committed to you. 

If you want to have a better experience buying anything, look to building relationships. The part that makes life better when doing business. Certainly it does help show you care with a gift that matters.

Putting your name on it reminds them you care. Mission accomplished!  

There's a very interesting article at this link where the above Infographic appears: