The Brougham Value Promise

It is usually easier to understand what you’re buying when you’re buying a big brand-name  online, but that brand-name can be double the price of what you might find from another manufacturer with the same quality. 

I’ve  often wondered what it cost to put a Nike ad on at Super Bowl. The millions that get spent by the biggest companies educating us about how good their product is, and in all fairness normally it is good, but they are not beyond competition.

That’s where companies like ours make a difference for you. We’ll stand behind whatever we sell. While we sell some big brand names, our value is a personal commitment to ensuring you get value; our brand value, or perhaps otherwise stated knowledgable, caring, experienced staff providing value to you. 

At Brougham we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If something is not right we’ll fix it, but thankfully that has rarely happened. It’s not perfect not having a big brand name behind you because everything we do defines us, but ultimately that’s what it is all about, being quality product, service, and building strong relationships.

Those are brand features that Promote, Build Awareness and Expand Horizons!

Jamie Brougham