A Media Hub Could Have Saved the Day!

I was recently on vacation and at one point I lost sight of my phone.  I had bought a new phone in part with the intent of getting a good, handy camera.  I had even shopped for cameras but unless you take that jump to the 35mm lenses and frankly is not very handy, the phone cameras can do the job. 

When I could not find my camera the thing that was going through my mind was emergency messages, critical correspondence from the office, and my pictures.  Our first evening was in Munich at the Hofbrauhaus -big smiles and a big part of Bavarian culture.  They could have been good memories only if I had lost my phone. 

If I had had the portable media hubs where backing up can take place anywhere with no internet, I would have been only thinking I have insurance for the cost of the phone and its content is in my pocket!


The media hub is a wireless device that allows you to back up your phone with no wires and no internet access -when you need it most.  The Mosaic model can also server as a media hub allowing up to 7 people to access movies and/or other info on the hub at one time.  For stuff like movies and games at the cottage you’re not going to keep on your business phone, it is a great way to store them.  Seems amazing to me! 

Granted this is not a $10.00 gift you can give to everyone, but if you have someone you want to impress with a Canadian made device.  Give them this and carry on!



Jamie Brougham