Search Engines... there's more than Google? Apparently there are hundreds!

Just a small handful of search engines. Check out this list:

Just a small handful of search engines. Check out this list:

When writing this short piece I became curious about what else was out there other than the Google and few search engines (and ours, of course) that I was aware of. Wikipedia did it once again with an extensive list of search engines I had no idea existed. There are specific engines for jobs, for legal and medical topics and jobs. There are custom search engines for real estate, news, television, video games, multi media, price and even source codes (had to Google that: a text listing of commands to be compiled or assembled into an executable computer program.).

I am happy to say that the search engine we use is brilliant, effective and really helps us do our job, as it helps find the best solutions for our clients.

Did you know that our search engine is one of the best in North America.

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Jamie Brougham