When it comes to bags in Canada, we’ve jumped ahead.

Brougham’s partners offer superior bags you should know about, and when it comes to bags in Canada, we’ve jumped ahead.


Just a couple of years ago Spector started a bag company called Ashbury. The bags were designed in Montreal with a glimpse to a time when Montreal meant fashion. Duffels, business and travel bags, and backpacks in a few lines of product exemplified fashion-forward style. From the chic Call of the Wild rainproof bags for the outdoor-ready look, or being prepared for anything, to the pure business look of the Concrete Jungle that is durable and beautiful at the same time; to the very classy and youthful Nomad collection. There are just so many good products in this collection that it is hard to go anywhere else but wait …there’s more!


The west coast has its own style. Our partner company Stormtech has a great line of clothing that challenges the brand names with quality that it insist carry its own name. With uncompromising quality and competition that must be beat, it offers the west coast vibe to its bags. They start with a couple of carry-on size pieces of wheeled luggage. I’m not used to the big pieces in our line of work, but if you want your staff to look like a travelling star, connect them with these products. They have a rainproof line as well. In fact, their duffels have the great feature of being made to convert to a bag that you can carry on your back. It is courageous and better for real travellers who want to be mobile as they hike in the Rockies or walk the streets of Europe.

Finally, one of our favourite companies that were recently purchased and made to join one of North America’s best promotional products industry suppliers, won’t be left behind. Their new retro-looking leather and canvas bags define who we are and where we’ve come from. Going to the cottage or just fishing? We’ve got the styles that fit. Of course in the city, it’s always good to look like you’re on your way and feel like your ready for the trip is half the battle!

OR1240_Brown_Army Green_Large.jpg

Go ahead and try them on. Any of the stylish bags from these superb partners will add comfort and style to your day. Best of all they’ll carry your logo and announce your quality brand. Expand your brand horizons. We’ll help you find the perfect bag to carry your brand forward.

Allan Stanley