The Buzz Word of the Day: Engagement!

Lots of great conversation, loads of innovation and ideas, and very interesting presenters at the CSAE event held January 30th at the EY Centre in Ottawa.

What struck me was the morning presentation by Roger Haskett of Engagement Unlimited.  It is what I’ve been talking about for ages and having it articulated in other terms helps me when it comes to explaining it to others.  

Engagement is such a buzz word these days with audience engagement but what does it mean?  How about getting a reaction, having two way communication and a way to facilitate that happening, and to what end?  The reality is that the technique, the technical ability to harness the brain power of constituents, members, or shareholders is the ability to have a lot more people addressing the issues and challenges.  

Engaged participants are those who enthusiastically take on tasks because their role to the goal is well defined and they are part of the solution not only because the boss says so but because they know so.  They helped create the vision!  


It comforts me to know that I’m on the right track.  When I’m working with my clients it is about how the product I sell them engages their audience.  Certainly a branded product is not just the solution, but it is part of it.  Like a fan with a team jersey, using something that reflects the my clients brand builds a relationship.  It reflects a preference and lets the person know that they are welcome.  

We all need to work more on branding for engagement.  Inviting a relationship with you and your client.  The same principle applies in a number of fields whether consumer audience, or community.  

And we need to learn how to make that happen using the new tools and knowledge we have today. The tech tools are new and the creative ones will be those who use all the tools available to take this big relationship building step forward for us all!