Rainy days ~ they happen...

Rainy days are part of our beautiful summers and what makes them so welcome. Our plants grow and surround us in their verdant glory. We, however, would prefer not to be watered unless we’re jumping in a pool or the lake. Here are a few ideas to keep us dry, or at least part of us so we can enjoy that which Nature offers. A promotional gift that is thoughtful and considerate of its usage by clients, customers and staff, is always appreciated.


Three Fold Compact Umbrella w/Pouch 42" arc 3 fold mini umbrella with 8 ribs. The 42" lightweight mini 3 fold umbrella is made of 190T pongee fabric, manual open. Black steel shaft and 8 strong steel ribs with plastic handle is available. The umbrella is effective to protect you from sunny or rainy days. 42" Diameter

ponco balls.jpg

Rainy Day Poncho Ball Twist-open ball conveniently stores adult size poncho, Includes handy clip. 2.5" Diameter

This Poncho Ball and the Key Chain Poncho Ball can both be branded with your trademark. Both items can be kept for a long time and used over and over again for years to come.

poncho ball.jpg

Key Chain Ball Raincoat

You will find it very useful for those rainy days. Everyone is going to love this product. This is a new-style item. One piece raincoat is into a plastic ball. It is made of plastic. It's portable and cheap.

We can put your logo on the ball or on the raincoat.


For our furry friends, and in this case our dogs who often accompany us outdoors, these Rubberized Dog Paw Wear Protective Dog Shoes help prevent your pet from the hot asphalt terrain and help prevent against frostbite. These Rubberized Pet Shoes are also an essential component for all elder dogs that loose traction overtime. They are reusable and waterproof. The common dog socks can only wear indoors, but waterproof socks can wear both indoors and outside, even on rainy and snowy days. There are 6 Sizes and 5 colours for your choice.


Outdoor Camping Jacket

Our jackets are designed for the outdoors as they can keep you away from the burning sun or insect bites. Made of dry easily material ideal for both rainy and sunny days. 27 1/2" L x 25" W