More More More - T-shirts?

Staying with the T-Shirt theme, here are two more ideas that are useful and fun!

Foldable T-shirt bag   Our folding silkscreen tote bag made from 210T Polyester is convenient for carrying throughout the day. Easily fold up and one in your car or purse, turning your brand into a functional asset. Compact and convenient, it’s never been easier to hand out at events. This is the perfect bag to use over and over again.

tshirt bag.jpg

Simply Smashing Spam Compressed T-Shirt Here's an idea that's sure to make a big impact and lasting impression! T-shirts are imprinted then compressed into one of our 400 shapes. What you see on the outside is a paper card that is custom printed. It's then placed on top of the compressed t-shirt and shrink wrapped packaging idea! Print as many colors on the high quality t-shirt as you want. Price includes the first colour on the t-shirt and full color on the paper card. 400+ shapes are. Below are six examples of how much fun the designs can be!

image (1).jpg
compressed t-shirt.jpg
image (4).jpg
image (2).jpg
image (3).jpg
Jamie Brougham