Hold Your Cards

All too often I just grab my business cards and put them in my jacket pocket, along with whatever else might be in there. This damages my cards, which I ultimately cannot give to a client because they have been scuffed or bent. The holder I now use on the back of my phone, as well as the portable business card case, are definitely the way to go and a great promotional gift for staff and clients. The desk holder is something to consider if you or your clients often engage new customers at the office. All of these ideas are easily branded to keep your message in front of your customer.

card holder1.jpg

Expandable Lycra Phone Wallet | Easily attaches to back of phone, Simply remove adhesive backing and attach to back of phone, Expanding Lycra pocket holds cash and cards. More details here.

glass holder.jpg

Volant Business Card Holders | A glass business card holder with a rectangular back and base, and a rectangle with a flat corner on the front. More details here.

leather holder.jpg

Card Holder | Business card holder/card bag/fashion card case/ promotion bag. The material can be leather/ PU. Size and color available according to buy's requirements. More details here.

Allan Stanley