What is The Brougham Advantage?


Imagine just asking someone to get it done for you with the confidence that they’ll make it happen. With Brougham as part of your team our expert staff make sure the right things happen. We will handle any problems and keep you confident that your product will be delivered on time.

Your projects will be handled in a quick, simple, considerate and effective manner. 

Take advantage of Brougham as your source for branded products for promotions of any kind.  


We start with one-on-one consulting.

Personlized consultation is the key to the best source discovery.


Brougham 3 Step Formula

If your organization has economic, social, or natural environmental goals to achieve, we can help you reach them. 


Step 1 | Our Goal

The first step is to determine what you’re trying to achieve by using branded products for your business or organization. Presentation, suitable product and audience reaction are the keys to know when you invest in promotional products. Brougham is your best partner for this. 


Step 2 | The Value Equation

This is where we put to use our expertise in finding the best promotional product for your organization. We focus on what you value, what your clients will value, and find the product that represents the best economic value to your organization. 


Step 3 | The Job Gets Done

We contact the manufacturers, discuss options and issues, ensure the right information is communicated and understood, and that the job is done correctly. While it is true that some jobs don’t need that legwork, it is also true that you get what you pay for. Sometimes that little extra in time and attention is the difference between piece of mind, ensuring quality, and ultimately making enough of a difference to achieve your goals! 


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