Happy Canada Day ~ Keep Cool!

We're in the middle of a heat wave, and it's been forecast to be a long one. We need to be concerned for our children, our elders and our pets as well as water those hanging baskets and gardens in need of water. We especially need to keep hydrated and move slowly to wherever we're going.

If you don't have AC it's a challenge getting a good night's sleep. After browsing the internet for tips on keeping cool I came upon a great list: 24 Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights (without AC).


In addition to those tips to help you have a good sleep, here are a few more tips for the daytime:

• Shut out the sun | close blinds, curtains and shutters as soon as the sun comes up
• Eat small meals. Your body heats up when it processes bigger meals.
• Keep hydrated.
• Wear cotton. Wear light colours.
• Stay low. Hot air rises.
• Keep your feet cool.
• Rinse your wrists and inside your elbows with cold water.
• Breathe deeply. Inhaling through the mouth and exhale through the nose to create a refreshing effect.