It Is The Next Step That Really Matters

If you’re reading this, then like me – you’re educated. Our education brings us to conclusions about how to behave, even how to think, and everything we perceive is framed by our values and beliefs.

If we don’t believe in what is being taught then we’re not likely to meaningfully respond, however if it seems reasonable then, if possible, we will act on suggestions as being a logical course of action.

Engagement is the new buzz term and understanding its true meaning is exciting. Engagement is a result of information that that educates and leads to an active meaningful response.

Engaging advertising is not just good looking messaging, it is information that prompts a meaningful reaction. Most of the time the reaction should be to go and consume, or take the action that is suggested by the advertisement.

An example of promotional products working is by having a logo on a piece of clothing or a cup used by the recipient, could simply be acceptance of a relationship between the organization and him or herself. If you’re going to buy from, support, and like an organization you’ll have a relationship with it. If you’re in the market for the product or service that organization offers, from the advertiser’s point of view, better their name in front of or on the client then someone else’s. Putting your brand on product helps build stronger customer/member relations.


There is a next step however and it is this that really matters.

If they are in the market they may call you, but if they are not in the market that does nothing for you either. It is the reaction that is engagement not simply you informing by sending ‘stuff’ out. If you are successful at engaging an audience you get some kind of reaction. If you’re really successful, you get the reaction you were planning on. I’m also sure that that is easier said then done. Some of the biggest and best have messed up and most advertising affects nothing. It is worse then not engaging, it is deleted before it is opened. (I can just see a big ‘F’ on the marketing exam).


Now to me it can seem self-serving to advertise and personally, I’m all about what’s best for the client. That being said, I do believe in business giving something like a promotional product helps build relations and therefore helps put the organization/person giving the product to the front of the line if the customer wants buy your product or service. In which case, my finding effective products for you is a win-win situation. Now in all fairness to me, I guess I’ve looked at advertising as mostly about me when I’m not even sure what I’m suggesting is the best for my client. It seems a little like throwing mud on a wall to see what sticks.

With that in mind, my approach has always been to contact a client and see what their market is, who they are looking to engage, and what kind of reaction they want, then come back with solutions. By advertising and sending solutions out first, it seems backwards however if I’m more targeted, using my knowledge of a group of people then it might work. Often the people in groups are not that different and the same solutions could work. It is not as effective as catering to one client at a time but in these times of doing more with less, effectively advertising is a challenge the best of us must take on! ~ Jamie Brougham